Trending Now: Jeweled Flowers

It was fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala, which happens annually on the first Monday in May at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York Cit

Dress Clips: Dazzling Glamour

One of the most fun parts of watching movies from the early days of Hollywood is seeing the clothing and jewelry that the sirens of the silver screen were wearing.

Are Cufflinks Making a Comeback?

Gifting a pair of cufflinks is a lovely gesture that dates back to the 1600s and 1700s and continues to be a ritual connected to graduation, wedding party gifts and more.

The Timeless Appeal of Bow Jewelry

Bows and more bows are everywhere with designers from Chanel to Miu Miu adorning their creations with bows on everything from blouses and gowns to handbags and shoes adding an extra touch of luxe where ever they are used.

Symbolism in Victorian Jewelry

The Victorians were known as a staid bunch, living by a strict set of social rules they were not particularly prone to expressing their feelings.