The Artistry of Enameling

The vibrant colors of enamel have been enhancing jewelry designs since ancient times, starting with the Mycenaean’s around 1400 BC

Coronation Jewels

We’re just a few days away from King Charles III official coronation, so we want to give you a quick primer on some of the jewelry and precious objects, known as Coronation Regalia, that you will be seein

100 Women of Jewelry

When Linda M Kozloff-Turner started to write the book 100 Women of Jewelry, it wasn’t so much that she had decided to write a book, it was more like the book had asked to be writte

What Makes Great Design?

We’re all on the search for beautiful jewelry and precious objects, items that we define as well designe

Fashion Month Stars:
Brooches, Pearls, Gold & Sparkle

It was a season of juxtaposition at the fall/winter 2023/2024 runway shows in New York and across the pond in London, Milan and Paris, where jewelry had a starring role on the catwalk and sparkle was in the spotlight.

The Language of Lockets

One of the most romantic, sentimental and intriguing pieces of jewelry, the locket also had utilitarian purposes.

Cartier: Beautés du Monde: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

In celebration of Cartier’s newest collection, Flammarion has released a new coffee table book  Entitled “Cartier: Beautés du Monde: High Jewelry and Precious Objects”, this latest book authored by François Chaille with contributor Alberto Cavalli, is a visual feast as it chronicles the inspiration and creation of the Maison’s newest collection of h

How to Start a Jewelry Collection

Now that you’ve decided to start a jewelry collection the question is how do you put together a top-notch collection that you can enjoy for years to come and perhaps even pass down to the next generation? Ben Macklowe, president of Macklowe Gallery in New York City, provides a few pointers on how to develop […]