5 Reasons to Sell Vintage Jewelry in Your Store

Art Deco Brooch. Photo: JS Fearnley

The glamour and elegance of bygone eras is captured forever in precious gemstones and metals that were beautifully crafted and the height of fashionable jewelry when they first debuted. Fast forward to today and vintage jewelry is more desirable than ever, speaking to the contemporary jewelry aficionado in much the same way that it did to the original owners of these pieces.

If you’re looking for new ways to drive business — and who isn’t these days — estate jewelry may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Jewelers Circle offers the following five reasons to stock vintage jewelry in your store.

  • UNIQUE JEWELRY.  Many estate pieces are one-of-a-kind jewels. Each piece is unique simply because these jewels are no longer being made. Today’s consumers — especially Millennials and Gen Zer’s — are fiercely individualistic. They want to create their own fashion statement and express themselves in a way that is distinctive to their lifestyle. These shoppers will love a selection of jewels that convey their personal style and most importantly – no one else will have what they are wearing. The attention to detail and the high level of workmanship that went into vintage pieces is much different from jewelry that is commercially produced today. Strong design that stands the test of time makes some estate jewelry look as fresh and fashionable today as it did when it was first made.

  • VINTAGE JEWELRY IS SUSTAINABLE. Today’s consumers — especially younger shoppers — are environmentally conscious. Vintage jewelry is not only beautiful, but it fits into the circular economy as it is being reused and no new resources — metals or stones — need to be wrenched from the earth. That’s a big plus for today’s eco aware customers.

  • ESTATE JEWELRY IS COLLECTABLE. Collectors enjoy the thrill of the chase and tracking down that perfect piece to add to their treasure trove. Vintage jewels offer plenty of collecting opportunities. A collector may like a particular period, such as Edwardian, Art Deco, or 1970s. They may be wild for a certain gemstone, or motif such as florals, animals, bows or geometric forms. You can help your collector find that special item and build a relationship with that person that will last for years. As a retailer you can source a virtual vault of jewelry on Jewelers Circle to appeal to the specific tastes of your customer and the aesthetic of your jewelry store.

  • SET YOUR STORE APART FROM THE COMPETITION. Having a collection of estate jewelry that no one else has will set your store apart from the pack. Any jewelry store will have cases filled with sparkling diamond engagement rings, but how many jewelry retailers in your area have a case filled with one-of-a-kind engagement rings showcasing antique diamonds in beautifully detailed settings? Or, a fabulous cocktail ring from the 1950s that highlights an oversized colored gemstone? Bold gold link chain necklaces and bracelets are a fashion favorite today and you’ll find 1940s retro gold pieces that will fit in with this trend just as well as a piece that is made today.

  • DRAW IN NEW CUSTOMERS. Once word gets out that your store offers a different and interesting selection of jewelry that no one else has, you’ll find that new customers start seeking you out. You’ll attract a new range of customers that may not have had your store on their radar. Now they’ll have a reason to come in and view the vintage jewels.

Every piece of estate jewelry has a story to tell. Whether it is the story of the previous owner, a bit of history about the maker, or the style of the times, the story continues and grows as the next person makes the jewel a part of their life.

Authored by Amber Michelle