Bvlgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders

Known for its use of vibrant color, bold gemstones and refined aesthetic, Italian jewelry powerhouse Bulgari frequently turns to nature for inspiration.  A new book, Bvlgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders published by Rizzoli New York explores the connection between the house’s precious jewels and the naturalistic world that inspires them. The book chronicles Bulgari’s most recent high jewelry collection themed Garden of Eden, which exalts nature as a limitless source of inspiration, vitality and energy.

Cover,  © Bvlgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders by Simone Marchetti and Lucia Silvestri. Rizzoli New York, 2022.

Comprised of mostly images – photography, illustrations and sketches — the 200 page tome is packed with lush imagery and is the perfect coffee table book for jewelry enthusiasts who love looking at sumptuous images of exceptional pieces.  Poetry, from famed poets around the world and from various time periods that expresses the essence of nature is sprinkled through-out the pages.  

Authored by Simone Marchetti, director of Vanity Fair Italia, who as a fashion journalist is recognized for his prose, insight and street style and Lucia Silvestri, the jewelry creative director at Bulgari. Silvestri started her career at the famed Roman jeweler in the gemological department when  she was just 18-years old. One of the most intriguing contributors to the book is fashion and art photographer Cho Gi-Seok. Based in Seoul, Korea, Gi-Seok has worked with Vogue Italia, Vogue Korea, Nike, Adidas and others. He also has his own fashion brand KUSIKOHC. In 2021 Fotografiska New York held an exhibition of his work entitled “Coexistence”.

The book’s introduction, “A Gateway to the Garden of Wonders” was penned by Marchetti. In his remarks, he considers the concept of Eden, what it is and what it means, focusing on the meaning of Eden as a new beginning and how that has manifested as a reality due to the pandemic.  A second introduction, by Lucia Silvestri, is a poem that she wrote. Entitled “Eden: The Endless Dazzling Elegance of Nature”, it explores the role that the beauty of the natural world, gardens in particular, play in igniting her creativity.

Bvlgari Eden is divided into three chapters. The first chapter, “Blossoming Colors”, highlights Bulgari jewelry deftly interacting with flowers in all of their beautiful glory. There are also close-up images of florals. Photos and sketches of pieces are accompanied by the finished jewel. Poems in various languages punctuate the pages with odes to the natural world. The introduction to this chapter sets the tone by pointing out that  “…gems embody the very essence of life.”

First pages of chapter two of © Bvlgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders

Chapter two, “Magnificent Nature”, features nature photography by Gi-Seok, that has a painterly quality to it. Earth herself is celebrated in this chapter for her intelligence  and how she is the source of all. Models wearing spectacular Bulgari jewels from the new collection are framed in florals. Sketches and close-up images that really show the detail of the pieces are spilling off the pages. Poems once again  celebrate the natural world.

The final chapter, “Joyful Wonders”,  states that “…the human factor is the key to everything. Creativity. Craftsmanship.” Vibrant gemstone jewelry flirts with florals in this chapter that showcases sumptuous color.

The book concludes with an appendix that describes each piece of jewelry in detail. There are also full biographies of the authors and photographer as well as translations of the poems that are not in English.  Bvlgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders is an in-depth look at the newest collection from the storied house. The book  gives us insights into how the pieces are conceptualized, rendered and crafted to become High Jewelry.

Featured image (top of Page): High Jewelry necklace showcases a pear-shaped 7.02-carat Mozambique ruby, buff top rubies and diamonds, set in platinum

Authored by Amber Michelle