Cartier: Le Voyage Recommencé

Throughout its history Cartier has been a leader in jewelry fabrication, creating a design vocabulary that sets it apart from all other jewelers.

What Makes Great Design?

We’re all on the search for beautiful jewelry and precious objects, items that we define as well designe

Cartier: Beautés du Monde: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

In celebration of Cartier’s newest collection, Flammarion has released a new coffee table book  Entitled “Cartier: Beautés du Monde: High Jewelry and Precious Objects”, this latest book authored by François Chaille with contributor Alberto Cavalli, is a visual feast as it chronicles the inspiration and creation of the Maison’s newest collection of h

Meet The Expert: Olivier Bachet

A creative spirit and an interest in exceptional art, antiques and jewelry propelled Olivier Bachet along his career path as a jewelry, art and antique expert.

Cartier: 13 Rue de la Paix

The history of a legendary address for a legendary design house is chronicled in “Cartier: 13 Rue de la Paix

Cartier: The Early Years

Perhaps one of the most famous names in jewelry, Cartier had rather humble beginnings during a very turbulent time in French history, which almost ruined the firm, yet eventually set it on the course to fame and fortune.