About Maker’s Marks

Written by Olivier Bachet France, the country of jewelry, is probably the country that most rigorously controls the value and quality of precious metal pieces.

Verger Frères: The Obscure Masters

However, there is one major contributor to all of these houses and more, who still remains obscure to many today – a creative force so outstanding that I feel it is an injustice that the name is not automatically synonymous with luxurious exoticism, and that is the house of VERGER!!

Suzanne Belperron and Aimée de Heeren

The experts looked at this piece with respect and admiration – and in particular the most famous of them Olivier Baroin, who was kind enough to share his impressions with us and unearth for us the too-often forgotten Aimée de Heeren, a dear friend of Suzanne Belperron, and also a great customer who dreamed of owning this necklace


WRITTEN BY FLORENCE BRABANT The most symbolic piece of jewelry “Love, eternity, forever” a few instant associations connected to the Wedding Ring, often the centerpiece of a collect